Premises Liability Defense

Thompson Miller & Simpson has defended numerous companies, insurance companies and individuals in lawsuits arising out of personal injuries which occur on client premises. Claims of negligence in these cases can arise from an almost infinite variety of causes. Our attorneys have successfully handled cases from simple slip-and-falls to more complicated elevator or escalator malfunctions, as well as lawsuits stemming from injuries caused by third parties where the nature and extent of security precautions are the central issue.

Working closely with our clients to fully evaluate and understand their business practices as well as the causes and mechanisms of injury, our attorneys are able to carefully advise our clients of their litigation risks, and either resolve their claims on a cost-effective basis or defend them capably and aggressively in a court of law before the assigned judge or a jury of their peers. In all cases we bring with us a wealth of litigation skill and experience, and a capable support staff, which enables us to obtain highly favorable results for our clients.