Professional Licensure Defense

The professional license you worked so hard to obtain is considered a "property right” by law, which means that it cannot be taken away by the state’s licensing boards without "due process,” which is constitutionally guaranteed to you. As a property right, the law considers the loss of your professional licensure as much more than a simple loss of money; it is, instead, a loss of your livelihood. In addition, an adverse ruling by your licensing board can negatively impact your malpractice insurance, can be reported to national agencies, and can be published for others to see. In short, while a malpractice claim won’t end your career, a board complaint can, if not properly handled. We can help.

When a complaint is filed against you by your professional licensure board—be it the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, the Kentucky Board of Nursing, the Kentucky Bar Association, the Kentucky Board of Dentistry, etc.—do not go through the complaint process alone. Promptly contact an attorney so that your rights are fully protected early and often.

Professionals of all disciplines are subject to oversight and regulation by their respective licensure boards, and at times, their licensure status is called into question. Under such circumstances, it is critical that these professionals have knowledgeable and effective representation, to ensure that they are not subject to improper or excessive discipline, which can include public or private reprimand, suspension, or even revocation of their professional licenses.


Members of our firm have extensive experience representing professionals before a wide variety of professional licensure boards. In most instances, we are able to effect a dismissal of the charges or otherwise obtain an informal, agreed resolution of the charges; however, where an informal resolution is not possible, our attorneys are fully prepared to litigate the charges before the administrative board and, where necessary, prosecute appeals from the administrative tribunal to the appropriate appellate court. In short, our firm has the knowledge and experience to handle the claim from start to finish, and we are committed to providing our clients an effective and aggressive defense throughout the process.

We have experience handling board complaints involving practice violations, narcotics and alcohol use allegations, HIPPA violations and other patient privacy infractions, criminal arrests and convictions, unprofessional conduct, documentation errors, inability to practice due to a physical or mental health condition, allegations of patient/client abuse, scope of practice violations, and others.

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Chad O. Propst, Partner 

Direct phone: 502-357-1909



Chad has represented physicians and nurses from day one of his practice. For years, he has successfully defended physicians, mid-level providers, and nurses all over Kentucky at the trial court level, at the Kentucky Court of Appeals, at the Kentucky Supreme Court, and before licensure boards. He has professional contacts with former licensing board investigators, and his wife is a physician; defending physicians and nurses with licensure complaints is something he takes very seriously—because it is your livelihood at stake. Many times, critical, proactive steps taken at the outset of the complaint process will significantly help your cause. Chad will work with you as soon as the complaint has been filed, defending your license at every step. Moreover, Chad’s extensive appellate and litigation background gives him an edge not typically seen in the field of licensure defense with respect to submitting well-written responses and providing compelling advocacy during administrative meetings and hearings.

Mitchell T. Denham, Partner 

Direct phone: 502-357-1922


Prior to joining the firm, Mitchel was the Assistant Deputy Attorney General in the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General where over his tenure he supervised nearly every division in the office handling the most sensitive and high profile matters. Mitchel is also a former assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney where he was a deputy division chief and the senior narcotics prosecutor.  Throughout his legal career, Mitchel has practiced and argued before numerous state and federal courts including arguing before the Kentucky Supreme Court.  Mitchel has worked closely with state and federal agencies learning the intricacies of government regulations and enforcement actions.  

 Joey A. Wright, Associate

Direct phone: 502-357-1946



 Joey is a 2008 graduate of the University of Kentucky. He received his Juris Doctorate in 2012 from the University of Kentucky College of Law. Prior to joining TMS, Joey was law clerk for Chief Justice John D. Minton, Jr., of the Kentucky Supreme Court. During his time at TMS, Joey has represented a number of hospitals and physicians at various points in litigation as well as professionals in defense of their license. Joey’s background as a clerk for the Kentucky Supreme Court serves him well in defending your license because he is skilled in submitting thorough, well-written, and well-reasoned responses.

In addition, Joey personally understands the emotion and stress involved with a complaint against your license because his wife is a physician. He knows well how hard you have worked to obtain your license and how important it is to you. Because of this, Joey takes your representation very seriously and will work closely with you at every step to ensure that your license is protected.