Professional Licensure Defense

Professionals of all disciplines are subject to oversight and regulation by their respective licensure boards, and at times their licensure status is called into question. Under such circumstances, it is critical that these professionals have knowledgeable and effective representation, to ensure that they are not subject to improper or excessive discipline, which can include public or private reprimand, suspension, or even revocation of their professional licenses.

Members of our firm have extensive experience representing professionals before a wide variety of professional licensure boards, including the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, the Kentucky Board of Nursing, the Kentucky Board of Dentistry, the Kentucky Bar Association, and the Kentucky Real Estate Board. In most instances we are able to effect a dismissal of the charges or otherwise obtain an informal, agreed resolution of the charges; however, where an informal resolution is not possible, our attorneys are fully prepared to litigate the charges before the administrative tribunal and, where necessary, prosecute appeals from the administrative tribunal to the appropriate appellate court. In short, our firm has the knowledge and experience to handle the claim from start to finish, and we are committed to providing our clients an effective and aggressive defense throughout the process.